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Muwasat membership policy

Who we are

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AL MUWASSAT COMMUNITY IN UK is a charitable trust created by this deed (“the Charity”) shall be administered by the Trustees. (In this deed, the expression “the
Trustees” refers to the individuals who are the Trustees of the AL MUWASSAT COMMUNITY IN UK at any given time. It includes the first Trustees and their successors. The word “Trustee” is used to refer to any one of the Trustees.)


AL MUWASSAT COMMUNITY IN UK was established for:

  1. The advancement of religion by the provision of grants to assist with funeral arrangements in accordance with the Islamic Faith for those who cannot afford to pay for them.
  2. To relieve the mental and physical sickness of persons suffering from bereavement or loss by the provision of counselling and support for such persons.


AL MUWASSAT COMMUNITY IN UK is a single peer group, compared to its counterparts from the civil societies, because of the work it represents related to bidding farewell to the Eritrean Muslim at the end of his world. It does not work for the sake of achieving profitable financial returns, nor for the sake of high status, but rather for the sake of obtaining a reward from God.

Al-Muwasat participated with a delegation during the current year 2022 in the National Burial Council Conference, which was held in the city of Birmingham, in which Al Muwasat benefited from the most practical experience of the funeral work in the presence of senior officials from the Corner Department and Social Security (DWP) officials.

Our biggest achievement so far has been the completion of the Washing Room in Al-Najashi Centre. It was built during the most challenging circumstances due to the pandemic, and by the efforts of our engineers this project was successfully brought to fruition.

Since the Maghsala has been operational, our team have had a crucial role in terms of washing the deceased and holding training session for volunteers who are willing to become future participants at the Maghsala.

Al Musawat does not receive any fixed financial support from any governmental or charitable agencies, the association is mainly financed from the contributions of the community. This includes the expenses of our office, the Maghsala, equipment and the purchase of the ambulance were entirely through the donations of the community.

Al Muwasat services is limited to Muslims in Britain who subscribe to the following:

  1. Members who pay their annual subscriptions of 50 pounds per person or 100 pounds for families which include (Husband, Wife, and children under 18) to which they receive free Muwasat service.
  2. The members who are subscribed to the monthly membership of £20 single person or £40 for families which will cover the cost of the services and burial fee.
  3. Muwasat also bears the full burial expenses for the brothers who do not receive any aid from the government because of their legal status, unable to obtain residency in Britain or do not have any source of income.

Currently our aim is to purchase a tent for Prying, An automatic gate for the main entrance of EMCA to ensure easy access of staff and the ambulance, and a new lift for the coffins.

However, our main goal is buying land to build a Cemetery for Muslims
Achievements On the practical side, everyone’s efforts continued to achieve achievements during the one-year period of the administration’s life.

  1. Holding monthly meetings to study ways to develop the association that resulted from it. It always issues its activity in the field work to bid farewell to the dead, as their number exceeded twenty deaths.
  2. Activating the AL MUWASSAT Media Channel from printing and publishing video clips for Ramadan, Eid, and Hajj occasions, which resonated in spreading awareness of the consolation work.
  3. Screening and organizing the subscriber’s database, where the number of subscribers reached 1,400 members even if their subscriptions were not actually collected.
  4. Unlocking the AL MUWASSAT website link and reviving it anew, as it was provided with membership information and how to deal with its visitors in everything related to paying subscriptions and entering personal data with ease and ease.
  5. Several attempts to communicate with the consolation delegates in the regions of Birmingham and its suburbs, Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, and Nottingham by correspondence.
  6. Realizing the dream of the community’s members for many years, as the Washing room was built in the Negashi Centre, in the darkest conditions of the epidemic, it took 4 months.
  7. An externally consoling work took place at the representation of Eritreans at the opening ceremony of the new Riad Al Salam cemetery, which was attended by the Mayor of Red Tower and more than five British MPs who were introduced to the Al Muwasat.
  8. Collecting the expenses of building the Washing room and buying an ambulance from donations from benefactors and not from the revenues of contributions.
  9. The sisters had a distinguished role in washing and passing down Muslim women by holding training courses and instructing parents with instructions to confront those suffering from death throes by instructing them to testify.
  10. The Al Muwasat relationship with people has not been cut off from a distance to confront those who die of Corona disease.
  11. Provide the community members with news of deaths internally and externally.


Our main sources of funding this year are membership fees and donation contribution. In addition to funeral costs payback/refunds from deceased family members we run a number of charitable events where donations are given.

This year we have completed to build the washing room, we are reducing our Funeral costs.

Reserve Policy

The Association held no reserves during the period under review.


We are indebted to the generosity and dedication of all the volunteers who work with the Association. Their continued commitment and hard work is highly appreciated by the Trustees.


The members recognize their responsibilities for keeping proper accounting records and preparing financial statements each year. The appended accounts have been prepared on the receipts and payments basis and have been examined by an independent examiner, whose report is also appended.